Next-generation health risk management for informed decision-making​

The key to managing the risks and costs caused by chronic diseases is identifying those at the highest risk early – when people are still healthy.

Our Health Data Platform offers unprecedented predictive power to detect disease risks and preventative health needs at the population and individual levels.

Nightingale Health's intelligent data helps to reduce health risks and manage care​

Our ability to detect holistically chronic disease risks and preventative health needs from only one blood sample is based on our innovative algorithms that combine biomarker data produced using our proprietary blood analysis technology and health outcome data acquired from biobanks.

This is the foundation of Nightingale Pro Health Data Platform that enables you to deliver exceptional value to your organization and customers in diverse applications of preventative health.​

Serving the needs of public health, healthcare providers, and life insurers​

Harnessing the power of data-driven insights, our platform equips the public sector, healthcare providers, and life insurers with invaluable data to optimize risk management strategies and shift focus from treatment to prevention. ​

Data that delivers relevant and useful insights

For public healthcare ​service providers

We empower the public sector to utilize preventative health data that guide health policies and decision-making.

For life insurance ​providers​

We enable insurers to improve health risk assessments, gain insights on existing health risks among policyholders, and support customers' health.

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