Next-generation health risk assessment for life insurance

We help life insurers to enhance risk management.​

From a single blood sample, insurers can improve the health risk assessment of applicants, gain insights into existing health risks among policyholders, and support the health of their customers.

New health risk data – new opportunities​

Nightingale Health’s platform offers insurers unprecedented risk information on chronic diseases and mortality, using a single blood sample collected at home and advanced machine learning algorithms, leading to accurate and comprehensive risk assessment.

This enables insurers to price more effectively and enhance service development while helping policyholders manage their health.​

How life insurers can benefit from our data


Understand and manage risks on a new level

With Nightingale Health's rich, detailed health data, insurers can obtain a more nuanced and precise understanding of the health risks within different population segments.


Stand out from competitors

By integrating Nightingale Health's comprehensive health data, insurers can position themselves as pioneers in personalized health coverage, setting them apart in a competitive market.


Get novel insights from previously hard-to-collect data

Nightingale Health's data helps insurers identify individual and aggregate risk areas that may have been previously overlooked.


Increase retention with more personalized services

Nightingale Health's personalized data helps policyholders feel valued and understood, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood to renew their policies.

Our services​

New policyholder ​health risk assessment​

Assess accurately ​the life insurance applicant’s risk of ​developing lifestyle diseases and associated ​

Existing policyholder base​ risk assessment​

Take a comprehensive approach to managing the policyholder base risks associated to onset of and mortality from chronic diseases.

Policyholder longevity​ support​

Offer policyholders a proactive way to manage their health.

Chronic diseases are the number one cause of premature death​

Chronic diseases stand as the foremost global cause of mortality, presenting a critical factor for life insurers to consider in their risk assessment and policy pricing.

Understanding and effectively managing this risk is crucial for ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the business.​

Better data. Better risk management. Better business.

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