Intelligent health data for preventative healthcare

Nightingale Health empowers public sector policymakers and healthcare professionals with unparalleled predictive health data to drive preventative health policies and informed decision-making to alleviate the burden of chronic diseases.

Health risk data that enables prevention​

Nightingale’s health data platform offers unprecedented predictive power to assess chronic disease risks and preventative health needs at population and individual level. The data platform is globally recognized as the gold standard for reliably identifying and quantifying health risks for many of the costliest chronic diseases with well-defined clinical interventions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, lung diseases, and alcoholic liver disease. Understanding the risks makes it possible to target preventative actions more effectively. The information measured from the blood is dynamic, reflecting one’s lifestyle. This means that when an intervention is implemented, its impact can be observed in the risk results.

Realize prevention and transform decision-making in healthcare​

Our revolutionary approach to generating predictive health data provides a foundation for a preventative health data architecture.

By leveraging the insight from our data platform, decision-makers can make well-informed decisions. A comprehensive understanding of the population's current and future disease risk profiles enables targeted actions that can have the highest impact.

From just one blood sample, our platform transforms complex data into valuable information essential for proactive and effective healthcare decision-making – information that can be used on population and individual levels.​

Benefits​ offered by our data

Better informed decisions

More proactive approach to healthcare

Reduced healthcare costs in the long run

Improved health outcomes for the population

Targeted actions for those at high risk

More effective use of preventative actions

No additional burden on the healthcare system​

We use the analysis results from a single blood sample, obtained from current laboratory workflows, and combine these with our advanced machine-learning algorithms. This allows us to provide extensive health risk information on large populations and stratify them into different risk groups according to their likelihood of developing a chronic disease.

Understanding risks within the population allows decision-makers to efficiently plan, allocate resources, and target preventative measures to those at early risk stages. This proactive approach to healthcare makes it possible to prevent chronic diseases before they develop, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals and entire populations.

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