Existing policyholder base risk assessment​

Nightingale Health comprehensively assesses policyholder base risks associated with chronic diseases and mortality.

Our data empowers insurers with an in-depth understanding of risk profiles across their policyholder base

This makes it possible to identify potential areas of risk concentration, allowing insurers to manage business risks.​

​Insurers can assess the risk for the entire policyholder base in one go or take a step-by-step approach by breaking it down into segments based on demographic characteristics.​​

With our solution, insurers can avoid unexpected losses and enhance customer satisfaction by tailoring services and coverage options to meet their policyholders' unique needs and risk profiles.

How life insurers benefit from our data


Gain deeper understanding about population risks

With Nightingale Health's rich, detailed health data, insurers can obtain a more nuanced and precise understanding of the health risks within different population segments.


Identify risk areas

Nightingale Health's data helps insurers identify individual and aggregate risk areas that may have been previously overlooked.


Target risk reduction measures

A targeted approach is likely to be more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach, as it directly addresses the specific risks faced by the targeted group.


Design personalized services and coverage options

Create a tailored experience that significantly enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, and leads to a more competitive position in the market.

How it works​

Simple end-to-end solution for life insurers and a seamless experience for policyholders​.


Nightingale Health and insurer enter a partnership and agree on service details


The policyholder orders Nightingale Kit and Nightingale Health sends it to their home.

Blood collection and analysis

The policyholder takes a finger-prick sample and sends it to Nightingale Health's laboratory for analysis.


Nightingale Health returns health insights to the policyholder and risk assessment to the insurer.

Other services​

New policyholder health risk assessment

Assess accurately the life insurance applicant's risk of developing lifestyle diseases and associated mortality.

Policyholder longevity​ support​

Offer policyholders a proactive way to manage their health.

Better data. Better risk management. Better business.

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