New applicant risk assessment​

Nightingale Health helps to assess the health and mortality risks of life insurance applicants.

Our solution accurately assesses life insurance applicants' risks of developing lifestyle diseases and associated mortality.

This allows insurers to set policy prices that reflect the actual risk, reducing the likelihood of under or overpricing. This results in improved profitability, reduced losses, and increased customer satisfaction through fair and transparent pricing.​

​The risk assessment also creates a valuable data bank for insights into the entire policyholder base.​

How life insurers benefit from our data


Price according to actual risk

By leveraging Nightingale Health's detailed health data, insurers can make more accurate risk assessments, enabling them to price policies aligned with each individual's health risk.


Provide fair and transparent pricing

With the highly detailed health data offered by Nightingale Health, life insurers can break free from the traditional model of setting policy premiums based on broad demographic data and averages. Instead, they can accurately calculate the risk associated with each individual, leading to more fair pricing.

How it works​

Simple end-to-end solution for life insurers and a seamless experience for policyholder applicants.


Nightingale Health and the insurer enter a partnership and agree on service details.


The policyholder applicant orders Nightingale Kit and Nightingale Health sends it to the applicant's home.

Blood collection and analysis

The applicant takes a finger-prick sample and sends it to Nightingale Health's laboratory for analysis.


Nightingale Health returns health insights to the applicant and risk assessment to the insurer.

Other services​

Existing policyholder​ risk assessment​

Take a comprehensive approach to managing the policyholder base risks associated to onset of and mortality from chronic diseases.

Policyholder health​ support​

Offer policyholders a proactive way to manage their health.

Better data. Better risk management. Better business.

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